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Pantanal: The activists fighting to preserve Brazil's pristine wetlands.

Pantanal: The activists fighting to preserve Brazil's pristine wetlands. Intensive farming, deforestation and pollution have left the vast Pantanal wetlands in Brazil under threat.

By Mick Brown from The Telegraph, UK. Read the news here.

Special thanks to wwf.org.uk


The Yellow Anaconda

The yellow anaconda used to be a common reptile often found in the Pantanal but unfortunately their number has dramatically decreased in the last 10 years.


Nevertheless they are still around as this young snake with around 2 meters long that crossed our path this morning on the trails of Araras Eco Lodge private reserve.


October issue of the British magazine Wild Travel magazine, by Nick Garbutt


The well known photographer Nick Garbutt made ​​several pictures during a season with us at Araras Eco Lodge which some were published in the October issue of theEnglish Wild Travel Magazine about the Pantanal including the Taiamã Reserve. We loved all the wonderful pictures, but our great friend Nick did not think they were the best available, photographers... always looking for perfection in everything. By the end, we were very happy to contribute for this issue and look forward for the next visit of our dear Nick Garbutt.

Check the link out here.


Couple of Hyacinth Macaws adopted the nest made by kids

Hello, everyone!

We've got fantastic news:

A Hyacinth Macaw couple has decided to move in to one of the nests the kids from the

British School, in Rio de Janeiro, had financed and built.

This nest is placed by the entrance of the lodge, on a Jatoba tree close to

the Transpantaneira Park Road!


We're thrilled to be sharing this wonderful news with you and we thank all the British

School students, also in the name of the Hyacinth Macaws!

alt alt

Warmest hugs to all the kids!

Akhila and Andre von Thuronyi

Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge


Macaws and parrots release

This sunday on May the 26th we had another parrot release at our ranch.


In cooperation with IBAMA, we reintroduced into the nature 42 Turquoise-fronted Amazons (Amazona aestiva) and 2 Yellow faced Amazons (Alipiopsitta xanthops).


A job that makes us proud and is being well accepted bringing attention and support from every corner in the world. 


Thanks for all the guests because without you nothing would be possible.


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