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Environmental impact

Everytime someone visits untouched natural areas, there are impacts, but there are also ways to minimize them:

  • Avoiding repeating the same trajectory or circuit;
  • Creating a rotating system in the use of known paths and visited areas;
  • Dividing the visitors in smaller groups of maximum, 10 individuals;
  • Using equipment that produces low or no sound, gas or visual pollution;
  • Respecting the distance and the privacy of the observed animals;
  • Monitoring and orienting the behavior of visitors regarding the "removing" of souvenirs, like plants, rocks and other materials, as well as the garbage they may produce. 

Demand this attitude from your tour guides and/or operators.

The rules of Eco Tourism

Nothing is taken, except pictures; Nothing is left, except footprints; Nothing is kept, except memories...

Some preventive measures

Organic waste

All the garbage that comes from the meals is used in chicken and swine nurturing, the fruit shells are offered to birds and other barren animals.

Toxic waste

Used Batteries, due to their high polluting potential of the ground water, are collected in a proper recipient and stored in metal cans at the office in Cuiabá

Aluminum cans plastic recipients and glasses

Are collected, separated, Stored and forwarded to the proper recycling companies.

Cardboard boxes and wood

Are reused at the lodge or incinerated.

Other materials

Are bagged and taken to the cities waste deposit.

Water for use

Our water comes from a 52 meters deep semi artesian well. Due to a high amount of iron present in the water, the lodge has its own water treatment station. Assuring proper water for usage, but not indicated for drinking.

For drinking we offer mineral water from Chapada dos Guimarães. And have other soft drinks available in our bar.


After being used our water goes through a complex system that starts at a concrete cesspit, goes through different filters, gests exposed to ultraviolet light where it finishes the cleaning and decontamination of the water and then the water goes to water tanks with filtering plants.

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