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Estrada Parque Transpantaneira, km 32 - Mato Grosso - Brasil

The Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge (latitude: South 16º30'42, 4 "and longitude: West 56º42'39, 4") is located in the North Pantanal, the main wildlife sanctuary in the South American continent. Inserted in an environment of multiple and rare biodiversity, the lodge was built in harmony with its surroundings and is accessible throughout the year, the Road-Transpantaneira Park, the 132 km south of Cuiabá, capital of Mato Grosso.


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Araras Eco Lodge offers regular transfers.

Cuiabá » Lodge: Daily at 13h20 and 17:00 h.

Lodge » Cuiabá: Daily at 7:30 and 12:30 h.

Transfer Extras: On request.  We offer daily shuttle in air conditioned vehicles, with an average trip of 2:30 shared with other visitors of the Lodge, or if you prefer you can sign up for private transportation.

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Haras Bafo da Onça - Cavalo Pantaneiro

Weather in  Pocone 

High: 92°F
Low: 75°F
Sunrise  6:39 am
Sunset 7:19 pm
Wind: 5 mph
Humidity: 89 %
Visibility: 3.11 mi
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