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Programs and projects of environmental preservation

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That by visiting Araras Eco Lodge you directly contribute to our programs and projects of environmental preservation.


In 1993 there were 27 Hyacinth Macaws (hyacinthine macaw) living inside the Araras Eco Lodge borders and its neighboring areas. Today, there are more than 70 of them! 

This mark was reached through distribution of artificial nests; we are systematically planting the manduvis, an indigenous tree where more than 87% of the macaw's nests were found. With the continuous occupation and the splitting of the large ranches in the Pantanal, these trees are being cut down and have diminished sensibly for they are used to make salt trugs, besides the fact that they burn easily because of their soft consistency. We are also recuperating large areas with the palm acuri, which produces a nut that is these birds' principal source of food. 

On the Araras 

The best confirmation of our success on the work concerning the “ANADORHYNCHUS HYACINTHINUS” is that after all these years of distributing artificial nests for the macaws, in September 2002, one of the nests placed at the top of a “Tarumeira” tree, just outside one of our apartments, was disputed by three young couples of “hyacinthus”, indicating the expansion and vitality of this species, that finds in our protection area plenty of food, as well as water and nests. We expect to meet their chicks in November.

Foto: Risa Muggler

Fonte: Araras Eco lodge - Pantanal BR 

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