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The Rheas and the summer in the Pantanal

        Summer in the Pantanal  is characterized by the splendor of its vegetation, flowering shrubs various kinds of fruit, mild weather mirrors of plain water reflecting the clouds roaming the sky, everything so beautiful...  Its a pity people don't visit a lot during this period.


In these photos: a male ema - "rhea americana" - with his brood of 9 chicks, the remaining of the 31 born last year, enjoying the stillness of Araras Eco Lodge, the guavas, the tarumas and the siriguelas fruit abounding in the wet season.


As we know, in this specific society, a strong male can have 5 up to 7 females, all laying their eggs in the same nest. He hatches them while the females watch from a distance, drawing attention to themselves if any predator approaches the nest. After hatching, the male keeps the task of raising the chicks.

Oops! What if it becomes trendy?

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Haras Bafo da Onça - Cavalo Pantaneiro
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