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In the past, the region's farms were huge and the control of the herd was done in retreats, several miles from headquarters. These retreats were in remote places, usually a plain, round pens and shelters of wood and rustic serving to support the work with cattle or "Rodeio" as it is said. The actual word rodeo means the act to gather the cattle to mark it, for health inspection of animals, etc. This is our destination, a retreat that is called the Breath of Jaguar, for you to experience the life of a cowboy on the back of a real Pantaneiro horse .

The adventure begins after the afternoon tea in Araras, when we go horseback riding into the marsh plain (3 to 4 hours in fairly quick  step) toward the retreat of Breath of Jaguar, built in the center of a wide open field of native grassland. This is the heart of the Pantanal, unspoiled nature, mysterious land of Pantanal tales. Coming from all around you the singing and flying of the birds preparing for the end of the day. The sunset gives a special touch to this wilderness.It is a place of hard work, long hours in the saddle, separating cattle. No half-measures. 

Upon arrival we prepare ourselves for the evening: you set up your own mosquito-net covered hammock for your evening rest, very typical of this region.

Dinner at the camp and a conversation around the campfire. The cowboy  loves to tell stories, "causos" as they are known, that happen in their wanderings and there might be some singing! This is your cowboy evening, lost in the wilderness of the Pantanal!

In this place, lost to the world, one wakes up to the symphony of dawn, a memory that lasts forever! To get the day going, nothing better than a legitimate Amazon rainforest guarana juice. And here we go for good, saddling the horse, then work the rodeo, checking if any animal needs care. 

The sounding the horn will signal the orders and everyone is quick to follow suit! It's time to get out in "comitiva", herding the cattle to the Corichão, a creek that goes through the Passo da Ema, the environmental reserve of Araras. 

Our arrival at Araras will be close to lunch. A refreshing and well-deserved shower, lunch and departure to city or airport of Cuiaba.

Dim lights

Listen to the famous "Tristeza do Jeca" that so well portrays the interior of our country! And one of the favorite songs of the Pantanal cowboy.


Located in the reserve of Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge, in an open field, 11 km from the Pousada 
Premises are simple and rustic  with 3 structures covered with straw, the main center one for meals and gathering and the side ones for sleeping. The morning hygiene will be a bath of well-drawn water bucket and facilities are strictly an authentic pit latrine, like the pioneers.

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Haras Bafo da Onça - Cavalo Pantaneiro
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