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is the largest floodplain of the planet, and UNESCO declares the place as World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve, the true wildlife sanctuary of South America.

Located in the center of the continent, with an area of approximately 150.000 km², Pantanal consists of a transition area, containing elements of the Amazon , the Caatinga, the Savanna, the Atlantic forests and of the Paraguayan Chaco i.e. the major ecosystems or biomas that surrounds it. Such fantastic biodiversity includes approximately: 698 species of birds, 80 species of mammals, 26 of fish and 50 of reptiles.

Among this unique and rare biological diversity is the Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge (16º30’42,3” South latitude; 56º42’39,4” West longitude). Built in perfect harmony with its surroundings, it has its access assured throughout the year through the Transpantaneira Park Road, only 132 km (82 miles) south of Cuiabá (Capital of Mato Grosso) in approximately two hours.

From this self-sustainable lodge, you will have the opportunity to perform  excellent birdwatching, walk on trails in primary forest and on suspended walkways over wet areas, practice canoeing, explore fields and forests on horseback, take day and night photo safaris in appropriate vehicles, and much more, everything with the permanent assistance of naturalist guides, specialized and fluent in several languages.

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